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Free Range Shelters & Equipment

We Supply FR Shelters

At Stockinpiggle we've experimented with multiple shelters for our pigs. Finding something sturdy that doesn't get pushed around, that has little wind resistance, can be used for all stages of the pigs development including excellent cover for farrowing sows & gilts. We needed something super portable and cost effective. We couldn't find one that done everything we needed, so we designed and fabricated our own. FR Shelters!Β 

Why Choose Our Shelters?

Product Diversity

We can make FR Shelters for our customers in multiple lengths and sizes.

Delivery Cost Effective

Our FR Shelters can be made stackable for cost effective transport

Long Lasting

They've been designed to get many years of use with fully welded gal frames as well as double skinned walls to spread the pressure of animals on the walls across the frame rather than the tex screws. This eliminates the problem of the corrugated iron pulling away at all.


They can be pulled by most quads or something similar to anywhere on the farm, they can also be lifted by a spike from one end to the other on your loader forks or you can use a lifting frame that can be purchased from us or welded at home like below.

Mindful Design

We purposely did not add a floor to these shelters, this gives you the massive benefit of lifting or pulling these huts away and that's your clean up done, there is minimal area in these huts that harmful bacteria can hide. Using good quality cereal straw and being mindful of giving your paddocks/farrowing areas plenty of rest will help you to farming stress free.

Using the Free Range Shelter - Farrowing

Pick a farrowing area with slight undulation or at least out of active water flow if you happen to get a decent storm.

Place straw on the ground, make sure you have clean straw with little mold. (leaving the straw in a small pile and letting the sow/gilt make her nest has given us the best result, if you have plenty of ground cover and dry forage the sow will collect and use that to make her nest as well).

Place the hut over the straw and let the sows into the farrowing paddock, be sure to have shelter for all sows to avoid sows farrowing together.

Once the sow farrows and if you are using the piglet divider to keep them in the hut while they are small it can be removed after 10-14 days or as soon as the piglets are starting to get out.